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Welcome to Your Intuitive Reading

Welcome to Your Intuitive Reading

The Akashic Records are the energetic imprint of your soul- past, present and future. They are the recording of a Soul’s journey from its inception to the present, and point to the possibilities of its spiritual development. I use a Sacred Prayer to open your Records. Information from your Records is offered with the greatest honor, integrity and love and is meant to assist you in growing personally and spiritually for your highest good and healing. 

All counsel given and received in this session will be kept confidential.  To a large extent, your openness determines what happens during the session. This work is question driven. The information given is not intended as fortune telling and sometimes requires work on your part to meet the challenges and suggestions offered in your best interest. The future is not fixed and you have the power to create your future. This consultation is intended to provide general and inner developmental information only and is not intended as legal or financial advice, psychological or psychiatric counsel, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or health care professional regarding particular health matters. This consultant disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given or received in this consultation. 

Thank you for the honor of serving you in this manner. Review this document in it’s entirety. By showing up for your consultation you indicate that you acknowledge this document as written and give consent to have me access your Akashic Records. In order to access your Akashic Records I will need your full legal name as it appears on your legal identification. Please let me know what city, state or country you are in as well. I must receive a cancellation notice 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. If I do not receive 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment you will be charged the full amount for the missed appointment. All appointments must be rescheduled within 30 days of the original appointment date.

Sample Questions for Your Consultation

It’s helpful to think of a few questions to ask about the same issue. We access different parts of the Akashic Records by asking different questions on the same subject. I will help you formulate multiple questions if you would like. The more questions you ask about an issue or subject, the more complex, multifaceted and multidimensional your answers will be.

  • What would be helpful for me to know about this challenge or fear at this time? (fill in your own issue and be specific)
  • What is at the root cause of this issue?
  • What are my resources to resolve it at this time?
  • What lesson(s) am I to learn from this? Is this person in my life from my Soul Family?
  • Do I have a soul contract with them? What is that about? Is this contract complete or is there something for me to do or learn? Do we have past lives together?
  • Is there anything (or something in particular) that needs to be cleared for me (or us) to move forward on our individual soul’s path?
  • What resource or resources can I/ may I utilize to assist me with parenting? In my marriage? With my job, etc.?
  • Am I centered on my Soul’s path?
  • Is there something hidden or cloaked that is keeping me from achieving my Soul’s desire?
  • What do I need to know about this issue (be specific) to move forward, and how do I bring this issue into resolution so it does not continue to bother me?
  • What is it that I am not willing to look at or deal with? Why?
  • Is there another question for me to be asking or that would be better for me to ask at this time?
  • Is there someone or something that I have given my power to in the past that is having an adverse effect on how I relate to or see this subject? How can I handle this challenge with greater ease or grace?

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