Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Soul


When I met with Holly I was terrified and trying really hard not to show it. In my heart I felt ready, but I just didn’t have the confidence in myself that I knew how to lose weight.

I’d tried so many times before. But I was determined, and Holly was the perfect combination of empathetic, scientific, and most of all, never showed any signs of doubt that this was possible for me. But I think what really made the difference was the fact that once I left the office, I had a lifeline on email to Holly.

Every time I encountered an obstacle or uncertainty, I’d shoot her a note and she’d shoot a note right back giving me the guidance and encouragement I needed. I travel on business so much that keeping to a good diet can be challenging, but Holly worked with me to brainstorm workarounds.

And not once did I ever feel judged or critiqued. Quite the contrary, whenever I was impatient with my own progress, Holly would quickly point to the data and remind me how well I was progressing, even if it felt slow or difficult at times.  I stuck with (the program) because of my coach, Holly, and her ability to adapt her coaching style and design an alliance with me that fit my own personality and needs. I knew I had a partner. I had a guide. I had a coach. And (she) knew I could do this. I am just so grateful. But the best advice I have was the advice I got from Holly “don’t kill yourself overdoing it at the gym. Work out to relieve stress. Work out to have fun. Keep moving because it’s good to move. But focus on forming good eating habits you can sustain for a lifetime, and then slowly work in the workout routine the same way

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