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“When I met with Holly I was terrified and trying really hard not to show it. In my heart I felt ready, but I just didn’t have the confidence in myself that I knew how to lose weight.

I’d tried so many times before. But I was determined, and Holly was the perfect combination of empathetic, scientific, and most of all, never showed any signs of doubt that this was possible for me. But I think what really made the difference was the fact that once I left the office, I had a lifeline on email to Holly.

Every time I encountered an obstacle or uncertainty, I’d shoot her a note and she’d shoot a note right back giving me the guidance and encouragement I needed. I travel on business so much that keeping to a good diet can be challenging, but Holly worked with me to brainstorm workarounds.

And not once did I ever feel judged or critiqued. Quite the contrary, whenever I was impatient with my own progress, Holly would quickly point to the data and remind me how well I was progressing, even if it felt slow or difficult at times.  I stuck with (the program) because of my coach, Holly, and her ability to adapt her coaching style and design an alliance with me that fit my own personality and needs. I knew I had a partner. I had a guide. I had a coach. And (she) knew I could do this. I am just so grateful. But the best advice I have was the advice I got from Holly—don’t kill yourself overdoing it at the gym. Work out to relieve stress. Work out to have fun.  Keep moving because it’s good to move.  But focus on forming good eating habits you can sustain for a lifetime, and then slowly work in the workout routine the same way.”- Josh

“I can’t speak highly enough of Holly as a life coach. She is keenly perceptive and sees barriers to your success, and she can help you untangle them so that you can move forward quickly, advancing toward your goals. She is expert at what she does, highly skilled, with the an intuitive ability to target in on your hindrances that is informed by experience, observation, and education. Unlike many other coaches, all of your time with Holly is effective and tuned toward your success.” – Judy Thompson-Melanson

“Deciding to let go of all the anger, shame and guilt I was carrying around about my body and my past has made it so much easier to trust my intuition about what I need to be happy and healthy.” – Lisa

“Holly, oh Holly – she was my rock with a smile and a hug! She was always happy to share the wonderful knowledge in her beautiful brain. She really gets it!  And I could not imagine having a better person on “My Team!”- Kim

“Holly has been instrumental in guiding me through a huge weight-loss goal of 50lbs. After achieving this goal, she helped me maintain the weight loss, because I kept going up/down 10 lbs. Holly is gentle, yet sincere when letting you know what you need to focus on in order to achieve your goal.”- Aida

“She is upbeat, and motivating! THANK YOU, Holly!”- Carole

“It is very interesting but the fact that you have to sit down in your computer on a weekly basis so someone will check on you, your goals and challenges, – it totally made the difference to me. It is like that feeling that you don’t want to look bad, and better than that, the feeling of satisfaction when (in this case Holly) would say great things about my performance and success! Great pat on the back moment!”- Amelia

“I had just enough guidance and accountability. It was challenging, but motivating at the same time. I felt a shift almost immediately, which also gave me a great boost in self-confidence. I was able to speak to Holly, about how to give myself some wiggle room here and there as well. – Margaret B.

“It makes a real difference when a person can say, “I know where you’re coming from.” I never feel put down. I always feel like my questions are answered, I always feel supported, and I never feel like a nut for asking. When I lost my dog, Holly understood that my grief was real, and expected that I would have a tough time. I can’t stress enough the value of a gifted coach! Holly said the right thing each time to keep me going. The day before yesterday, I felt a little discouraged because I’d only lost a pound. Holly told me that was a great loss for a month. This gave me the willpower to not eat streusel and to reach for a string cheese instead”.- Billie

“Holly was wonderful and I attribute much of my success to her. She was so supportive and offered a variety of resources to help me through my weight loss journey.  Without me even realizing it, she helped me to understand that this is really a lifestyle change, not just quick fix to get weight off and then go back to my normal unhealthy habits.” – Rene

Sometimes all you can do is grab something you can eat with one hand, which isn’t always the best option. Holly helped me figure out some great things to have on hand when we were on the go! The best thing about this was that I knew how to get back on track if I had a slip up. Being able to send a quick email saying, “Oh no! I totally screwed up this week!” I was able to contact my her anytime. It was certainly an adjustment at first, but it was great to have the support and accountability along the way.” – Amalia

“Holly and I clicked immediately and I knew she was the right person to meet with me weekly. Holly encourages me even when I may hit those small plateaus and offers alternative options to try. I had grown skeptical of weight loss plans and if they would actually work for me.”- Dawn

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